Mark F. Turner
Writer / Music Enthusiast

A little about me

Combining my longtime passions for music and writing I've written for artists, websites and publications in various media formats with an emphasis on "listening" and articulating what's in the music. Examples of my work can be found via the links on this site and online at All About Jazz.

I am available for the following services:
  • Press Releases
  • Copy Editing
  • Liner Notes
  • Bios
  • Reviews
  • Articles

What artists have said about my writing

I've been following your writing for a while and I dig the way that you see/hear what's happening in the music. Please be mindful that I'm not jocking you for praise or for further favorable reviews but your observations are always keenly observant of exactly the right elements. You're usually on point and clue in to the particulars of the music that the artists surely intend to be noticed. Much too often matters are discussed in reviews that couldn't be further from the intentions or focus of the players.
- saxophonist Greg Osby

Thank you for writing such a beautiful review of my new CD. The way you dropped facts, described your impressions of the music and told a story, was a joy to read.
- guitarist Bobby Broom

You feel and hear the music from inside... Too many of the current writers deal with political angles; that is, reflecting on an image of who a musician is supposed to be in the eyes of the public, not what he is really playing now.
- pianist Larry Vuckovich

Why good writing makes the difference

There's nothing more important than what the artist is trying to convey in their music. But make no mistake about it, words have power. Their ability to provide facts, convey ideas, and provide insight, can leave an impression in the mind of the listener or potential reader.

Contact Me

It would be great to hear from you. Please contact me via the following:

Mark F. Turner
7311 Rockwood Forest Lane
Charlotte NC 28212

Mobile: 704-339-8488


The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen. -- Duke Ellington